a house next to the sea

by cuerda roja

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released March 5, 2015

all tracks by cuerdaroja.
Recorded and mixed @ otomorecs in frebruary 2015.

We don´t know who made the cover photo , but thanks.




cuerda roja Málaga, Spain

slow music from Málaga, Spain

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Track Name: useless
the lights that glow at night are the spirits inside your eyes,
a simple body but not a simple mind,
tell me how difficult it´s for you to hide,
when there is power in your eyes,
lights that wanna burn the new empires,
you´re never tired but sometimes you fell down,
people won´t understand they will think you have no hope.
Track Name: rest
This restless soul needs some rest
so no more words tonight
tonight I'll look at you with these eyes
and fears will go away from us
away from harm
away from love
Track Name: slavery
for centuries it´s been the same,
slavery it´s ok,
in any of its ways,
daydream again and again,
I try to be awake,
I try to be awake.
Track Name: our land
I look at the shape of things I love,
I feel the heat of the beings who ride along with me.
When i realize they are all heart ,
and how wrong I was when I´ve been sad,
all in a land that means nothing but home,
then I am really there
Track Name: cartwheel
a whole world breaks inside my head
I have no use for it
but I'm ready for performing one more cartwheel
I'm ready to bust it out
to stop the clock and start again
there´s no shame
Track Name: forever
A little far from what I thought
it feels allright to find a clue
'cause what I am is not enough
but I will crack my face for you
over and over again
I'm not nice,
but I will do my best to be your friend
Track Name: the conquerors
where are we sailing?,
there are no stars left in the skies,
what kind of land would it be?,
when we reach the shore everything will change for us.